Local Study - CalFiDE 2022

The California Fire Dynamics Experiment (CalFiDE) 2022

The California Fire Dynamics Experiment (CalFiDE) was a 5-week campaign, run August - September 2022 by NOAA’s Chemical Science Laboratory in partnership with researchers from San Jose State University, University of Nevada, Reno and NASA Goddard, to study wildfire behavior and emissions as well as their response to the spatially and temporally changing wind fields in California. These wildfire attributes were measured using a suite of instruments on a NOAA Twin Otter aircraft, as well as ground-based mobile scanning radars and lidars.

The CalFiDE campaign website provides more information on the instruments used and allows downloads of some of the data collected. This research was spotlighted at the American Meteorological Society's 14th Annual Fire and Forest Meteorology Symposium (2–4 May 2023) and the video recording is publicly available.

Guide prepared by K. Pitts (8/2023). For corrections or expansions please contact us.