Atmospheric Pollution (Freedman 2020)

Lecture Set

Lecture materials are provided by Dr. Frank R. Freedman for the Spring and Fall 2020 course Atmospheric Pollution (San Jose State University, Course METR/ENVS 113). This course focuses on discussion of the sources, effects, and fates of pollutants in the atmosphere.

Lecture 1: Atmospheric Structure & Composition
Lecture 2: Atmospheric Radiation
Lecture 3: Atmospheric Carbon, Nitrogen and Sulfur Cycles
Lecture 4: Ambient Air Pollution (Part 1)
Lecture 5: Ambient Air Pollution (Part 2)
Lecture 6: Air Pollution Emissions
Lecture 7: Air Pollution Meteorology
Lecture 8 (Spring 2020): Ground-level Ozone
Lecture 8 (Fall 2020): Satellite Detection of Air Pollution

Lecture 9: Particulate Matter & PM2.5
Lecture 10: Introduction to Epidemiology
Lecture 11: Local-Scale Air Pollution & Air Toxics
Lecture 12: Indoor Air Pollution
Health Effects of PM2.5 by Arden Pope (Summary)

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