Air Pollution: Concepts, Theory, and Applications (Seigneur 2019)

Lecture Set

Lecture slides are provided below for each chapter of the textbook "Air Pollution - Concepts, Theory, and Applications" by Christian Seigneur, Cambridge Univeristy Press, 2019. Lecture material extracted with permission by Christian Seigneur from

Chapter 1: Brief History of Air Pollution

Chapter 2: Emissions of Air Pollutants and Emission Control Technologies

Chapter 3: Meteorology: General Circulation

Chapter 4: Air Pollution Meteorology

Chapter 5: Atmospheric Radiation and Visibility

Chapter 6: Atmospheric Dispersion

Chapter 7: Stratospheric Ozone Layer

Chapter 8: Gaseous Pollutants

Chapter 9: Atmospheric Particles

Chapter 10: Clouds and Acid Rain

Chapter 11: Pollutant Transfer between the Atmosphere and Surfaces

Chapter 12: Health Effects of Air Pollution

Chapter 13: Environmental Impacts of Air Pollution

Chapter 14: Climate Change and Air Pollution

Chapter 15: Regulations and Public Policies

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